About the Mill

Around 1900, John Thomas Cecil built this mill over the foundation of W.W. Cecil’s mill which was torn down. The first belt driven roller mill in the county and the saw mill were operated by water power until Cecil’s death in 1927. His son, H. Robb Cecil continued the operation converting to diesel power instead of water. The grist mill was closed in 1940 when store-bought bread created too much competition. The saw mill was closed in 1959 after the death of H. Robb Cecil. In 1975 John A. Cecil and William Cecil gave the mill to the historical society for the purpose of preserving the structure and eventually housing a museum.

The old mill now offers a unique collection of antiques, handcrafted arts and crafts, scrapbooking, and homemade jams & jellies.

Cecil’s Old Mill still has much of the original milling equipment on display. One of the pleasures of shopping at the old mill is the opportunity of being surrounded by history. Cecil’s Historic District has been a hub of commerce for St. Mary’s County since the early 19th century.

Outside, take a trip back in time to see the Old Mill’s restored double overshot waterwheel, one of the last in existence. And if you are very fortunate you might find Bill Clements operating the old sawmill!